Meet us, the two Architects behind stagers+
Leya Bouchedid and Pia Aoun

We have been professionally growing together working on different scales of projects. The idea behind stagers+ popped up when we decided to revamp our current office without necessarily investing on a high budget, or conducting a lot of field work. From a dull and non-personalized space, we were able to create a remarkably warmer and more convenient office by using staging techniques. We then discovered our passion for reviving old items and enhancing spaces, rooms, houses and constructions.

Whether through staging or regular architectural work, we make sure each project tells a story. We also aim to balance between practicality and aesthetics while taking into consideration each client's taste.

By navigating through our work, you will encounter several types of projects and all the services we provide:

Interior Design
Furniture Design & Staging

Product Design

We are big fans of architecture photography and we run an Instagram account called @fromwherewe.arch (sneak peek below) through which we connect with users that have the same interest. It includes inspiring shots of buildings or areas we have visited all around the world.